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STRAW regularly conducts animal welfare workshops and awareness talks under its humane education programs at schools and colleges. The aim of our programs is to sow seeds of empathy towards people, compassion towards animals and a respect for the environment. Simply put, our programs demonstrate the way children could be empathetic and compassionate towards people and animals that may be in pain and in need of help. Our programs encourage them to take that first step forward to lend a helping hand. These programs emphasize:

  • How children need to be sensitive to the pain that animals on the street feel when they have been hit or run over by a speeding car. They are made aware of how they could step forward with compassion to treat and save such animals.

  • How children need to appreciate the importance of the principles of green living by caring for the environment. Children have been urged to inculcate the following routines that would hopefully stick with them for the rest of their lives:

    • Keep their neighborhood parks, lakes and rivers clean.
    • Avoid using plastic bags.
    • Appreciate the principle of recycle, reuse and reduce waste.
    • Not to dump garbage in parking lots or in parks but only at specified places.
    • Not to throw banana, orange peels and wrappers from a moving car.
    • To turn off lights in empty rooms to save on energy.
    • Not to squash insects like ants, grasshoppers etc. as these living creatures too are part of our world and we human beings are their caretakers.

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Stray Relief and Animal Welfare (STRAW) India is a registered nonprofit/non-government organization and its focus is summed up in its motto, Animal Welfare through Education. It promotes empathy and compassion for all living beings and care for the environment by educating young people through its humane education programs and workshops.


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