Bonding Over Biscuits with Bhairavi

Jun 19, 2024 Shilpasri Pooruli Balaji

From tossing biscuits at a dog to becoming a vegetarian, my story sparked a ripple effect. It’s the kind of ripple that hits the quietest of lakes, spreading until the entire bank dances to the wind in harmony. Describing the impact, she had on my life is


The Myth of a Honeybee Sting

May 20, 2024 Tanveer Khanam

One of the most popular illusions in India is the belief that honeybees will inevitably sting. Contrary to popular belief, honeybees do not sting humans at random. In fact, stinging is their last resort.


Step-by-step Guide to Neutering and Spaying Community Cats

May 13, 2024 Rugveda


Caring for Community Animals During the Summer Season

May 03, 2024 Tanishka Sharma

The impact of rising temperatures on animal behaviour cannot be overlooked. It often leads to abnormal aggressiveness which can have severe consequences for both the dogs and humans. Here are a few tips to care for them during the summer season.


Towers of Kindness at Bhuj, in the Rann of Kutch

Mar 16, 2024 Seemeen Khan

As we drove around Bhuj town, looking for farsan and mukhwas in the markets, I saw even more of these colorful towers- some taller, some shorter, some thinner, some fatter. Most of the time they were next to temples. When I looked closer, I realized that t


Teaching the Grace of Empathy to Children

Mar 15, 2024 Tanishka Sharma

Connecting human intellect and emotions is a crucial task that should be developed in children at a young age. Empathy is an essential skill that allows individuals to understand and feel what others are experiencing from their perspective and communicate


Why Winter Beds for Strays?

Dec 10, 2023 Annelieke Laninga

Sleep is a major factor that can easily be influenced by caregivers and other residents to make coexistence possible.  By placing beds that could be anything like old blankets or carpets at home, gunny sacks stuffed with hay or even a plain 'bori,' we try


Policy for Harmonized Living in Colonies - Residents, Pets, Community Animals & Their Care Takers

Nov 20, 2023 Vasanthi Kumar

The purpose of this document is an attempt to bring about harmonized living among the colony residents, their pets, the community dogs and their caretakers. We believe that it is our collective responsibility to ensure that the colony remains clean and hyg


Spread the Festive Cheer Among Animals Too!

Nov 08, 2023 Seemeen Khan

Diwali is truly one of the biggest festivals we celebrate with lights, ‘mithai’, family get togethers, new clothes and so much fun! While the government has banned firecrackers, because of the soaring pollution, we somehow continue to hear the booming soun


Animals Could be the World’s Best Teachers

Sep 04, 2023 Seemeen Khan

With a little observation, you and see that animals could be the world's best teachers.


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