Painting and Essay Writing for Animals and the Environment

For children, drawing and writing are the most comfortable forms of communicating their feelings, even if they sometimes cannot verbalize them. Further, making children draw and write about animals and the environment often makes them stop and think, look at nature from different perspectives, which results in a growing curiosity about the way things work in the outside world.

We at STRAW encourage schools and families to introduce a more compassionate attitude towards animals and the environment from an early age. Painting and essay competitions not only provide a fun-filled atmosphere but also help children enjoy nature and it’s creations through the lens of their own creative masterpieces.

Such an event could be held on the occasion of World Animal Day, World Environment Day, or also any other time during the year. The aim would be to bring children together for an entertaining, educational activity which pulls them closer to the environment and everything in it.

Children from the first to the eight grades would all be eligible to participate and would enjoy it the most as well. For senior classes there could be an essay competition or even a debate competition with a relevant and suitable topic.

STRAW would be happy to organize and conduct these events for your school. In case, this interests you, please contact us:

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Stray Relief and Animal Welfare (STRAW) India is a registered nonprofit/non-government organization and its focus is summed up in its motto, Animal Welfare through Education. It promotes empathy and compassion for all living beings and care for the environment by educating young people through its humane education programs and workshops.


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