What is Humane Education?

Humane education is a method of teaching that aims to foster particularly in young people, a sensitivity towards all living creatures, as well as the environment that we share with them. It stimulates moral development, promotes empathy towards people, kindness towards animals and concern for the environment. It further makes them realize the importance of interdependence of all the species and their environment, towards ensuring sustainable living for all on our planet.

"Humane education is defined as the teaching of compassion and respect related to animal welfare, environmental and social justice issues. It works to make the acquisition of relevant knowledge, skills, and commitment to live ethically, sustainably and peacefully, being the very purpose of education."

Humane education has a potential to:

  • Take environmental education a step further from broader issues of conservation to the specifics of ethically treating each of plant, animal and human being.
  • Make human societies empathetic, kind and caring and therefore gentle and non-violent, in an otherwise increasingly violent world.
  • Motivate communities to have a greater understanding and tolerance for each other and for the animals.

"Without humane education, environmental education reaches the mountains, but not the trapped coyote; the oceans but not the aquarium-bound whale; the Arctic, but not the clubbed seal; the cities, but not the stray dog, the open ranges but not the cinched rodeo horse; the farm lands, but not the crated veal calf…"

Patty Finch, Executive Director, Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS)

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Stray Relief and Animal Welfare (STRAW) India is a registered nonprofit/non-government organization and its focus is summed up in its motto, Animal Welfare through Education. It promotes empathy and compassion for all living beings and care for the environment by educating young people through its humane education programs and workshops.


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