Areas of Focus

Our programs fall under three areas of focus, including Humane Education, Community Outreach and Animal Helpline. The ultimate goal of each of our programs is to prevent cruelty towards animals, by building awareness among children, youth and adults that animals are sentient beings. These focused initiatives also lead to a clear understanding among children that animals are part of the same environment that we share, and that we are all inter-dependent. Our programs also makes it clear that for our own survival and well-being, it is important for us humans to play the role of a protector and defender of all that has been created by nature on this wonderful planet that we call home.

Humane Education
Sowing seeds of Compassion in young people.
Community Outreach
Breaking the cycle of violence by creating awareness.
Animal Helpline
Rescue coordination of distressed animals and counseling for compassion towards animals.

Our programs help in the following:

  • Making students compassionate towards animals to bring down incidences of cruelty meted out to them.
  • Making students aware of protecting our natural resources and environment, towards creating a sustainable planet.
  • Making students empathetic towards people to prevent violence in school and at home.
  • Making students responsible citizens of tomorrow, so that they grow up to be net contributors to the larger community that they would be part of.
  • Spreading these messages further through children, to their parents and friends.

About Us

Stray Relief and Animal Welfare (STRAW) India is a registered nonprofit/non-government organization and its focus is summed up in its motto, Animal Welfare through Education. It promotes empathy and compassion for all living beings and care for the environment by educating young people through its humane education programs and workshops.


Stray Relief and Animal Welfare (STRAW)
4th Floor, D2/2303, Vasant Kunj
New Delhi, INDIA
PIN: 110070
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