How a Cruelty Inflicted Horse Moved People Around the World?

Aug 17, 2016 Vasanthi Kumar

Je Suis Shaktimaan

This video is a clear depiction of how it takes just one foolish and insensitive person to bring a beautiful and strong animal down, while it might take many caring people to try to make the animal stand up again.

This well-made documentary is the story of Shaktimaan, the police horse in Dehradun, after his leg was battered by an insensitive person, riding on the frenzy of a mob. On the flip side, it shows the coming together of umpteen caring local veterinarians, humane prosthetic limb experts (including Dr. Jamie Vaughan from US), a generous American organization that donated a prosthetic limb.

Finally, a large-hearted Tim Mahoney rushed from Kentucky, USA to Dehradun, India, at his own expenses, just to deliver the prosthetic limb, in a day. Shaktimaan’s devoted and loving rider Ravinder Singh was by his side, until the very end.

In spite of all these humane efforts, sadly the brave Shaktimaan could never get back to his feet again and after losing his battle with life, eventually took to the wings.

RIP SHAKTIMAN: The brave police horse loses battle with life

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