The Little Birdies of Varanasi

Nov 05, 2020 Ria Nagwani

The city of temples galore
Sits quietly and peacefully
Along flows the Ganges
Where people worship Her reverently.

A new day beckons
Warm rays of the morning sun
Brighten the landscape
Time for everyone to wake up.

Among the first creatures
To welcome the new day
Are the fluffy birds
Of sizes big and small.

God’s presence is surely felt
With the beauty of the birdies
Our winged companions
Grace the holy land of Varanasi.

Tiny sparrows bathe in a dusty boat
Along the river front
While a rock pigeon struts nearby
Looking for his morning meal.

Bank mynas bring company
To the morning walkers
Cooing melodiously everyday
Bringing music to the city’s soul.

Green parakeets of all size
Fly in groups across town
Their gregarious sounds
Enchant passersby and even astound.

Exotic birds also make their mark
A little red kingfisher hops by
Spotted necked doves and laughing doves
Fly past the human settlements in the city.

The greener belts of the city
Offer a more peaceful habitat
For our feathered friends
Some quiet respite from the crowds.

A crested treeswift sits regally
Atop a high tree branch
Many kinds of cuckoos
Find their little homes on the branches.

Some birds get famous here
With their interesting histories
The migratory birds flock in hordes
Making the river Ganga their home.

A tourist attraction of sorts
The experience of seeing these
White Siberian birds up close
On a lovely boating trip in the river.

Each winter these birds fly in
Seeking warmer temperatures
They make for a charming sight to behold
Exciting visitors with their sounds and sights.

The little birdies of Varanasi
Sing a song and play
They remind us to be grateful
For every sunny new day!

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