Keep Your Pets Safe During Diwali - A Few TIPS

Nov 13, 2020 Jaya Jha

Dogs' ears are extremely sensitive and loud crackers scare them immensely. This is true for other animals and birds too. This is the reason for these during the Diwali, many pets get aggressive, traumatised and in the worst-case scenario, even get lost while they try to flee noises coming from these extremely high decibel deafening firecrackers.

To be empathetic and sensitive towards these voiceless creatures of God on the day of Diwali, given below are a few tips that pet owners can follow to keep their pets safe.

Give your pet anti-anxiety medicines so that it could keep your pooch from getting riled up or agitated when the crackers go off outside.

The noise from the crackers is not just bad for the hearing of the animal but also causes issues with their heartbeat and stress levels. So be careful when exposing them to noise.

Keep them in a room that’s cool and comfortable with the door and windows shut to muffle the noise. Also, insert cotton balls into the pet’s ears to ease their anxiety

Keep Lamps (diyas) and candles away from your dog to avoid an accidental fire.

Walk them or take them for a run in the early hours of the evening, so they are well exercised and find it easy to relax as the evening progresses.

All pets have areas they feel the most comfortable. Read their body language and let them adjust before changing things around them.

Play some soothing music to calm your pet’s nerves

Put cotton earplugs for pets

Author: Jaya Jha

Jaya is a sophomore at Delhi University who is passionate about animal welfare, feminism and human rights with a demonstrated history in non-profit organization management and research & strategic development. She loves to generate new ideas and devise feasible solutions to broadly relevant problems.

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