My Black Furry Friend

Jun 10, 2021 Kumari Tapsi

Even today when I look into his gleaming eyes, I recall the day when I first set my eyes on him. It was one of the chilling winter days in Greater Noida.

That morning I woke up with a severe pain in my stomach and couldn’t get out of bed all noon. That whole time, my pet dog, Phoebe, lay next to me. As I stroked Phoebe, my phone rang. It was my mom. “Come downstairs, we are going to visit the doctor.” she said.

As we entered the hospital, his eyes caught my attention. It was love at first sight! He was jet black in colour, his eyes were a mix of brown and black, his body was shivering with cold. My heart told me that I had to help him. He sat near a bike silencer to keep himself warm.

I started surfing the Internet for phone numbers of pet shelters, but to my utter surprise nobody picked my call. I had already called the same number thrice, but it was in vain, when I got called by the doctor. I didn’t worry about anything at that point except that little puppy, unsure if he would survive. I waited with anxious breath, desperately wanting to get out of the doctor's cabin. After prescribing one medicine, I hurriedly stepped out of the cabin, now free to think about saving that helpless pup.

Throughout the trip back home, I pleaded with my mother to let me take that pup home. “Mom, I promise to take care of both the dogs. Please let us take him home for one night and we will try calling shelters and we will ask people if anyone wants him, please let me just take him home.” I begged and pleaded with her.

Finally, she gave in, much to my joy. In excitement, I started to walk towards him, but he went and hid under a car. I bent down to see him. I grabbed his foot and tried to slowly pull him towards me, but he cried so I let go of his foot. I continuously tried, repeating this drill but failed in my attempt to draw him out. Mom and I even tried luring him out using biscuits but without success.

Finally, luck smiled at us!

I bent and stroked his head with my finger, pulling him out with success this time. Mom wrapped him in her saree, and we took him along in our car. He was shivering feverishly.

At home, we introduced him to Phoebe, who to my surprise smelled him a bit and growled a little but soon accepted him. I think that was because this new pup was so little and was not a threat to him.




Author: Kumari Tapsi

Tapsi is a 13-year-old student who studies in class 8 at Delhi World Public School, Greater NOIDA. She is a sports person and loves animals. She says that she loves animals because they are the cutest creatures that will ever walk on earth.


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