Conversations with Stray Animals in my Neighborhood

Jun 22, 2021 Arnav Gupta (14 Years)

In this post, I will narrate some beautiful, sad, and touching conversations I have had with the stray dogs, cats, and birds in my neighbourhood.

It was a typical cold December morning. I didn’t want to leave my cosy blanket. Yet, I ended up at the bus stop well before time. Bruno, a scruffy dog, small for his age, came trotting up to me. We had taken to each other since the first time we had met. He circled the pavement and sat down. Our eyes met, and he began his sad tale.

His eyes spelled agony as he said, “have I committed an unforgivable sin, that I must sleep and wake in this cold? I have seen Olly so many times, warm in her overcoat, walking elegantly with her owner. I crave love, friendship, and a chance! Each night I sleep with the hope that tomorrow I shall wake to the warmth of a smile. Instead, what do I face? Society kids trying to be cool and hitting me. Kicking footballs at me and laughing like demons! I have also had enough of the rotten food tossed at me!”

My bus arrived, I went away, but my heart stayed behind. I kept wondering about what he had said… Are stray dogs any different? Don’t they have a chance to be happy?

“Mewww!” came a long and anguished voice from a cat, a voice that had pleaded a thousand times, receiving no mercy. I opened the door and peeped outside. A beautiful white cat stood perfectly still near the staircase. She looked at me with longing eyes and said, “My owner has shunned me. Where am I to go now? Shall I mew all my life to get milk with pity from people? Can’t I have a cozy rug by the fireplace, and sleep in my owner’s arms? The people who come to collect the garbage, threaten me. They say if I come any near to dig the garbage, they will hit me. What am I to do? Where do I go?”

She saw my eyes were filled with sympathy too, she left. To where, I don’t know.












My mother called out to me to water the plants. She says I must share some house responsibilities! Fine! As I stepped into our balcony, a most splendid sight awaited me. Sitting in a perfectly composed posture was a dove as beautiful as snow, roosting in our coriander plant’s pot. The dilemma struck me!

I couldn’t water the plant, or her eggs would get destroyed. The plant could even wilt. She looked at me with her small beady eyes and said,

“Give my younglings a chance! After traveling so much, I have finally found the perfect place to raise my chicks. The plant, it has had its life. It has grown up and seen the world. Now let my babies grow and span the seamless skies!”

I looked at her gleaming white eggs and made up my mind. I returned back to my comfortable reading couch, after watering all the plants, except one…

Have you ever had a silent communion with any animals? If yes, please write about it in the comments sections below.







Arnav Gupta is a fourteen-year-old bookworm from India, filled with deep emotions for animals. He feels animals are nature’s purest, and most sublime creation. He believes changes must be made and voices must be raised against those who exploit them.

He finds blogging the perfect means of reaching like-minded people, who understand the beauty of nature.


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