Think Before ‘Gifting’ a Pup

Jul 20, 2021 Seemeen Khan

Many years ago, in absolute excitement, I brought home a small aquarium as a gift for my friend, thinking that her kids would be thrilled with the pets.

To my utter shock my friend refused to accept this ‘gift’. She apologised and said she wasn’t ready for this responsibility. I took great offence and promptly gave the aquarium to my mother who happily took it under her care.

For the longest time, I remained angry with my friend. But today I understand. 

  • Animals like pups, kittens, hamsters and birds are not toys. They are beings with physical and emotional needs. When you decide to gift a pet like a pup, you are not aware of the person’s readiness for the care needed for the pup.
  • an animal, we need to make sure that our homes are pet friendly. There should be no openings for the animal to escape and hurt itself.
  • Pets like pups need space to run around and play. When we gift a pup, we do not know how much space will be given to the pup. The owners need to rearrange their homes and find time for exercising the pup.
  • Pets love their owners unconditionally, but are sensitive to receiving love as well. There is no guarantee on how much love the pup will get at home when you are gifting the pup. There is nothing sadder than an unwanted, unloved pet.

  • Pet care involves costs- vaccination, sterilisation, doctor visits, deworming, grooming. When we gift a pup, we forget the family will have to incur on-going expenses. This is an unfair expectation and can have very sad consequences.
  • Not every person is an animal lover. People who are not inclined towards animals will not cherish or look after the pet you gift them.
  • Homes that are not ready for a pup may end up abandoning the pup- and this is not just heart-breaking for the pet but also dangerous since domesticated animals do not have well developed survival instincts out in the open. 


The acquisition of a pup or kitten or any other pet has to be a considered decision- one that needs to be properly thought through by the adopting family. It cannot be thrust upon them even by the most well-meaning friends.

  • So next time you want to bring the joy of animals into a friend’s home, think instead about gifting a book on animals or taking them to an animal shelter to spend time with animals that need care.

  • That may work out to be a far better gift for your friend and even more so for the ‘gifted’ animal









Author: Seemeen Khan
Consumer behaviour specialist who has worked for top research firms like Kantar IMRB, AC Nielsen who started her career 25 years back. Has just started an online training initiative. An animal enthusiast who has shared her life with many animals like dogs, cats, hens, rabbits, birds and goats. Active blogger who also engages in theatre, music and the creative arts.



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