Petting the Pig

Sep 08, 2021 Soumya Vijayshankar

Pets are cute and adorable non-speaking creatures that live in a human’s house. They bring love and entertainment as visible in umpteen trending Instagram or YouTube Videos. But there are many more things involved in taking care of one. How would I take care of a pet if I were to get one for a day? Let me put on the imagination buttons…

I went to a random pet selector online and bought a pig, then went to a random pet name generator and named him Jacques. Jacques was like any other pig and not actually dirty. He was clean and very intelligent.

But the basic needs of any animal are Food and Water. So, I went and got Pig Ration and put it in clean food bowls, and poured drinking water in another clean bowl.

Pigs have different diets depending upon their age. Jacques is a teenager so I confirmed his diet from a professional. Do not give him waste or leftover food, said the doctor. Also, pigs need a good amount of space where they are going to live, so I arranged accordingly.

Jacques needed to then go through a medical check-up so we knew he was healthy. Any pending vaccinations needed to be administered.

Finally, Jacques was ready to return home. Like any person in new surroundings, Jacques would also be stressed and nervous in a new house initially. So, I would have to be patient until he got comfortable. I wouldn’t force pet him because that could cause the creature to get more stressed and hence more aggressive. You can gain their trust by just sitting with them at a distance, give them food, and being calm. You can even calmly talk to them. Once Jacques got comfortable, I went and petted him. He was very playful and social, loved hugs and cuddles. It was not necessary that the new pet would get adjusted soon, sometimes it could take days and hence you needed to be patient.

After playing with him, he lost a lot of energy and went to sleep. I made a cardboard bed with blankets so he could sleep. Pigs usually sleep for 8 hours a day. After his sleep, we went for a walk outside. The exercise was very important for pigs so they could remain fit and healthy. 

I kept monitoring the food and water bowl and filled it when empty with the needed measurement. Too much or too little food was unhealthy for an animal. And soon, within a fraction of a second, the day was over.

The above is what I am supposed to do just to keep a pet for a day. So, taking care of an animal was no easy task. So, only keep a pet when you are ready to do so. Always research pet requirements, something a lot of people skip before getting a pet. Medical check-ups and food will take up some amount of money too, so make sure you have the finance to support it.

If all the above matches with what you have, then getting a pet will be the best decision of your life. Not only are you giving a home to an animal, but you also get the added benefit of getting the bestest friend in your life!

Author: Soumya Vijayshankar

Soumya is an introvert who becomes an extrovert once the comfort level is reached. She is a singer and dancer by hobby. Every time she hears music, she does either of the two, sometimes even both. She believes in the idea that love & kindness leads to peace.

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