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TOMMIE TOLD ME HE WAS IN PAIN. Did I Find Or was it too late?

Something didn’t feel right to me when I first attempted to communicate with my dog. Perhaps he wasn’t interested. These were my initial days since completing the Natural Animal Communication course (by Helen DaVita) and I really wanted to ‘talk’ to animals.

So, the first thing that I did was asking one of my friends to share a photo of his dog, Tommie. He was a 14-year-old, gentle golden retriever. As I received his photo, I tried connecting with him. As the connection progressed, I asked him “Do you feel strong?”. After asking this, a teardrop rolled down my eye and I saw an image of his face with watery eyes. Then when I started to analyse my observation, I was unable to tell whether he was sad or in some kind of pain. So, I asked my friend about his behaviour, he informed me that he had been all normal and playful. So, I thought, as it was my first time, I might have done something wrong, so I ignored it, but then….

You must be wondering what does this all mean, connecting and communicating with animals? Let me clear your doubts by starting with the very basic term, COMMUNICATION.

Communication a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs or behaviour. Animal communication is when one animal transmits information to another animal causing a reaction in the animal that receives the information.


Before the verbal language, we humans communicated through symbols, touch, sound, eye contact, body language, energy, thoughts, but verbal language and linear time has pushed our awareness as animals into shadow, the energy that we and animals share.

In order to communicate with animals, we need to practice being present, being in the right energy form. For this we need to practice meditation. When you do that, and when you become aware of what’s happening inside you, then you follow the steps given:

  • Enter the space with gratitude.
  • Make the connection
  • Set intention
  • Share trust (by sharing a little secret)
  • Ask question from mind to heart and extend to the anima (phrase question in positive way, like do you feel strong rather than do you feel ill)
  • Allow any image, symbols, feelings, tastes, scents, etc. to arise
  • Express gratitude
  • Back to usual awareness
  • Record the experience
  • Analyse your observations

While practicing the technique, let go of any expectation, and just be grateful of anything you feel, see, taste, etc. let them come. Don’t be hard on yourself because it takes practice and will naturally come to you after a while.

This technique helped to understand the animals better, their needs. And with the help of animal communication, people were able to find their lost pets. One such example is that of the lost pet parrot Lola. Once when her parent was unable to find her, she communicated with the parrot and after some time the parrot was spotted in a viral video, and they were united again.

Now, let’s get back to the story

…. after a few weeks, my friend texted that Tommie had a cancerous tumour which started bleeding. The vet said he cannot be operated because of Tommie’s age. Now when I look back at my observations from the day of communication, I feel that I was on a right track and should have informed my friend about it, so he could have visited the vet earlier and Tommie wouldn’t have to go through the pain and bleeding and could have started the medication earlier on to relieve the pain. Tommie still has the tumour, but is on medication.








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