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Mar 10, 2022 Kumari Tapsi of Delhi World Public School, NOIDA

It is hard losing a pet. Though I have never been through it, the thought of it makes me cry.

A few months ago, a dog had given birth to her puppies at a cute little hut which was visible from my balcony. They would always roam around the hut waging their little tails. I would often stand in my balcony and even smile from within and make my three pets feel jealous. At the same time, I used to feel sorry for them as they didn’t have a proper home and weren’t sure if they would live to see the next day. Stray mother dog and her puppies

The next morning when I was in the balcony, a car rushed by that road and it drove over one of the pups. I was completely helpless and I felt so bad as I couldn’t do a thing to save it.

A few minutes later two men were passing by that road and saw the dead puppy. One of them picked it up while the other dug a hole in a corner. They buried the puppy and fed the others and left. It revived my faith in humanity.

The whole day I sat in my bed thinking about the incident and realised my dogs would die someday too. That’s when my three little dogs entered my room and sat around me. I could feel that they cared for me deeply and also understood my pain. But the thought of my puppies dying scared me to my very bones.

Here are a few things that we could do to help these homeless puppies and dogs from being run over by fast moving automobiles.

  1. When puppies are born, move the puppies along with their mother to a safe place.
  2. Feed the mother particularly well because she needs a lot of nourishment during this time as she has to produce milk to feed her puppies.
  3. Put on reflective collars for the homeless / community dogs so that vehicle drivers are able to see them from far and take care.
  4. In spite of all the care, in case there is an accident, do remember to stop and care for the animal. Call for help from the nearest animal welfare NGO.

A lot many homeless dogs die every day due to car accidents, which is miserable. My request to all those who drive is to be really careful so that one does not hit any animals by mistake

Author: Kumari Tapsi

Tapsi is a 13-year-old student who studies in class 8 at Delhi World Public School, Greater NOIDA. She is a sports person and loves animals. She says that she loves animals because they are the cutest creatures that will ever walk on earth.


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