A Conscious Choice of Cruelty Free Fashion

Aug 08, 2022 Aadishri Yadav

No animal fashion is cruelty-free; the animals see their peers getting ripped off their skin in front of their eyes, and somewhere they know they would be next sooner or later. These innocent animals are forced to suffer immense torture in their whole abruptly ended life cycle.

Conscious consumerism and laws protecting such innocent animals are the only way out of animal cruelty.

Conscious consumerism depends hugely on the choices of the consumer. These animal skins are ripped off only because a huge chunk of society loves to buy from luxurious stores. If consumers become conscious of their choices and retract their choices of animal fashion, lives could be saved.

Natural fibres are obtained through farming , fibres like cloth , kemp ,silk or Tencel are obtained from plants and no animals are harmed in the process. Plant cellulose and degenerated material is used to produce fibre. This geological process may be a little costly but worth saving the animals.

Faux fur tries to imitate real fur which is made from polymeric fibres. It is a more sustainable form , free of animal cruelty. Polyester or cotton fabric is the base for artificial fur making. Further the process includes formulation of plastic which would bind the base fabric. Onto the next step once plastic is binded with the base fibre, it is cut accordingly

Faux leather replaces the leather obtained from buffalo’s , cows etc. the leather industry uses a lot of chemicals and is not at all eco-friendly . on the other hand, faux leather is vinyl coated fabric. It is made of plastic base ; it can be accustomed to users liking and colour. This option is not available when it comes to real leather which is obtained by causing pain to animals.

There are multiple fashion brands which have now turned cruelty free in their endeavour. They run cruelty free and sell most non problematic fashion , some of them are mentioned below :

  • H&M , entirely fur free brand
  • Bebe
  • Adidas
  • Kering
  • House of Anita Dongre
  • Ethik
  • Solios

Animal cruelty is real and no animal fashion is void of deaths. Wearing clothes that caused deaths to animals, who did not want it for themselves is painful and yet not acknowledged. It's time that we humans, try to be more humane to ourselves and stop animal cruelty with conscious choices and boycotting animal skin.


Aadishri Yadav is a law student and a sensitive individual. She has always loved little furry animal friends and hates to see them suffer. She tries to help people become more empathetic; she loves to spend time in enriching art activities.

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