Why Do Stray Dogs Bark at NIGHT??

Sep 10, 2019 Preeti Singh

Many people know that I care for dogs. So one of the many questions asked by neighbours and friends is, Why do dogs bark at night? In fact, they would go on to complain about how the neighborhood dogs barked so excessively last night that it interrupted their sleep and etc. etc.

Well, my answer to them is simply, “they have something to say.” This is very much in line with the ‘No Honking sign board’ near hospitals, schools, etc where it says ‘Even Dogs Don’t Bark without a Reason.’’

So, what are the reasons for dogs barking or excessively barking, particularly at night time? I have tried to put together a few reasons, which should help in people understanding the situation:

  • Loud noises like firecrackers, door bells, music, etc.
  • Noticing of suspicious individual or activity so to alarm others around
  • Trying to stop someone (human or animal) from treading into the territory they protect
  • Hunger pangs
  • Pain & distress due to an injury, fear or anxiety
  • Frustration due to loss of fellow dog/ pups

Other reasons for barking including that done during the day time as well could be:

  • To gain attention
  • Excitement to greet someone familiar
  • During play time.(Yes, its lot of fun)
  • When they hear other dogs barking. This is called socially facilitated barking
  • Separation anxiety particularly among pets. They bark excessively when left alone by their care takers
  • Compulsive behaviour (mostly in pets and they could be trained to avoid this)

So, when you see a dog barking excessively, distract them by making a loud sound like clapping, ringing a bell or dropping something like a steel utensil. One could also throw some water (NOT HOT WATER) on them.

It is important to know that dogs bark for a reason. They have averted many a robbery and theft by alerting the locals in time.



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