Furry First Aid @ IITD

Jan 11, 2020 @ 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM IIT Delhi, VI LT2, Indian Institute of Technology - Delhi

It was delightful and very encouraging to see about 150 enthusiastic and bright students of #IIT-D interested in learning First Aid Tips that they could use to help dogs and cats on the campus. Most of these students are those who care for these animals by feeding them, keeping them warm during the winter season and taking care of their medical needs from time to time. At the end of the session, many students shared their excitement that they could overcome their fear, now that they had learnt to identify distress in a dog to find the right help, when the need arises.

The Furry First Aid session was organized by Animal Care wing of the #NSS at #IITD on the 11th of January 2020, where STRAW India as a part of its #CompassionateScholars Program, conducted a presentation on “How to Avoid Dog Bites’ followed by a workshop on First Aid Tips. A talk on animal rights by animal activist, Gauri Mauleki was like a cherry on the cake of our workshop on Furry First Aid.

Thanks to Para-vet Aarti Bhardwaj for giving us a live demo on how to muzzle a dog with a handy scarf or a belt, carry out a dressing in case of an injury and resuscitate (CPR) a dog when he is not breathing.

The star of our session was beautiful Courage which gave courage to students to explore their compassionate side. Courage is a very friendly and sweet dog on whom all the first aid demos were done. She is such a sociable and pleasant girl that even a student who was once bitten by a dog, came forward to try tying a muzzle on her.

Thanks Preeti for bringing sweet little Courage for the workshop and of course for all your support all the way. Also, a big thank you to Surbhi and Ankana for shooting such wonderful photographs and videos and of course for all the support and encouragement.


Furry First Aid @ IITD

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