Living in Harmony with Animals on Campus - #Hansraj College

Jan 16, 2020 @ 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM Hansraj College, New Delhi, New Seminar Hall, Hansraj College, Malka Ganj, New Delhi

On the 16th of January,  at Hansraj College in North Campus, New Delhi, we conducted a workshop on the topic, “Living with Animals around the Campus.” This was our debut program at #Hansraj and it gives me great pleasure to mention that we had about 60 students in attendance.

Questions from a few of them were rather simple – why do dogs on the campus beg for food? Why do they walk into class? Why do they return to the same spot time and again? Upon coaxing them a little bit, they gave all the answers themselves; they actually knew it, but did not connect the dots that animals are also like us; they feel hunger and pain, just like we humans, just that they are voiceless.

I once again realized how even a small dose of an exposure to #humaneeducation about the need for empathy and compassion towards other creatures around us, helps the cause.

A big thank you to #NSS-Hansraj for being brilliant hosts and providing us an opportunity to conduct our lessons in #compassion to an esteemed audience.


Workshop at Hansraj College

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