Screening of “The Plastic Cow” at IIT - Delhi

Nov 11, 2016 @ 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM Lecture Hall 510, Indian Institute of Technology, Hauz Khas, New Delhi

STRAW India, as part of it outreach programs to promote awareness about animal welfare and environmental preservation, screened a 34-minutes documentary film titled, “the Plastic Cow,” for the benefit of students of the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi. This was done in association with NSS - IITD. The screening was followed by a discussion and Q & A session with a panel consisting of Rukmini Sekhar, a writer and well known animal activist who is a member of the Plastic Cow team, Kunal Vohra who is the Director of the film and Vasanthi Kumar, Co-founder and Chief Functionary of STRAW India.

The purpose of the screening was to make the students aware of the unholy alliance that exists between plastic bags, our careless disposal of it and its effects on the poor innocent cow, which is worshipped as “mother” by most people in India.

This documentary has been chosen for the screening with the hope that the students of IIT - Delhi:

  1. would take note of the menace that plastic bags cause to animals and to the environment as a whole.
  2. would make sure to dispose of their own individual plastic waste in such a way that it goes for recycling and does not come into garbage dumps where it has damaging effects on the environment.
  3. would take steps to ensure that the kitchen waste coming from their hostel and canteen kitchens are segregated as wet and dry waste and is disposed in such a manner that the wet waste is composted within the campus and the dry waste including plastic is sent for recycling. 

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